THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD will open on 27th March!

Lego Movie World opening spring 2019

With THE LEGO MOVIE 2, which was released in the UK on 8th February taking the cinema by storm, the opening of LEGOLAND Florida’s THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD on 27th March is a source of great anticipation for LEGO and movie-going fans everywhere!

So what should you expect when you visit THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD? With three brand new kid-friendly rides set in a recreation of the city of Bricksburg – the home of our hero Emmet – we are promised an immersive experience in the LEGO MOVIE universe, all while keeping to the park’s ethos of being designed primarily for children aged 2-12, as well as appealing to big kids and LEGO fans of all ages!

This is the largest addition to the park to date, and the only LEGOLAND location in the world to have this zone.

Building on the creative style of the movies that won them so many fans across the world, the surroundings and rides reflect the imaginative world that made the first LEGO MOVIE such a global box-office hit. As you stroll around the park you can expect to bump into some of your favourite characters from the films, including Emmet and Lucy, and even get a picture with them over at Emmet’s Super Suite apartment in Downtown Bricksburg.

Lego Movie World masters of flight

Everything will be awesome as you take a ride on the Masters of Flight, which makes use of new technology and is the first of its kind in the world to include a 180-degree turn. Take a seat on Emmet’s invention, the Triple Decker Couch, and make yourself comfortable, as you set out on a suspended ride that is surrounded by a full-dome virtual screen which will make you feel as though you are soaring through a world created entirely from LEGO bricks. Your journey will take you through Unikitty’s brightly-coloured Cloud Cuckoo Land as well as the realm of knights and dragons in Middle Zealand, before coming to a splashdown in the waters of LEGOLAND’s Pirate’s Cove.

Lego Movie World Unikitty's Disco Drop

If you love the zany antics of the moody Unikitty, then a ride on Unikitty’s Disco Drop has to be high on your itinerary! Hop on board and take a flight to the top of Cloud Cuckoo Land, before starting your descent back down through the rainbow-coloured surroundings, as you spin, drop and bounce your way back down to earth in sync with Unikitty’s unpredictable and ever-changing disposition!

Lego Movie World Battle of Bricksburg

The third ride in this new land is the Battle of Bricksburg, which brings to the fore the invading alien LEGO DUPLO characters from THE LEGO MOVIE 2, which is set five years after we first meet our heroes, Emmet, Lucy, Batman and the rest of the gang. This is the only water ride in the zone, and replaces the Quest for Chi ride which was a major part of the World of Chima that originally opened in 2013, and has now been transformed into the Bricksburg location! Prepare to get wet, as you hop aboard; it is the task of those on the ride’s boats to save the day and stop the invading aliens, who are trying to steal LEGO bricks, by spraying them with water. Even if you are just standing on the side of the ride you can also get involved, as there are water cannons that you can help to squirt the targets with!

“The rides truly capture the whimsical fun and quirky nature of the popular LEGO movies.” Rex Jackson, General Manager of LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

After all that battling with the invaders, you might have built up an appetite! If you want to stop for a bite to eat in the park, then why not pay a visit to the Taco Tuesday Everyday restaurant, where you can enjoy munching on some delicious tacos, which are a favourite of the residents of Bricksburg! If the kids have some extra energy to burn off, then head across to the spaceship-themed playground at the centre of the zone, which is modelled after Benny, the 1980-something Space Guy’s ship, which also offers some great photo opportunities and character interactions.

After taking photos of the cityscape surroundings the last place to visit in this land is the Awesome Shop, which you might want to check out before leaving this land to pick up some fab mementos of your special trip!

Don’t miss a visit to this exciting new area of the LEGOLAND park, which opens next month. With three new rides and lots to explore, THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD is sure to make your day a bricktacular one! We would love to hear what you think about this new land? What are you looking forward to most? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.