Have You Considered a Work Staycation in Orlando?

Work staycations

Working from home has become the new norm for many of us in 2020. For some, it has been an adjustment, creating makeshift desks at home. For others, it has opened up new prospects in the way we work, as well as where we work.

The pandemic has seen a mixture of lockdowns and restrictions, keeping us within the same four walls, however a work staycation offers you the chance to get away to somewhere different, whilst using less holiday days, as you take your work with you. As long you have a decent WiFi connection, you can pretty much work from anywhere. Being able to choose where you work can also have a positive impact on your mental health and the psychological boost of feeling like you’re on holiday is certainly an upside.

Our Villas Are Ideal For Your Work Staycation

Our villas in Orlando are very spacious and include high-speed WiFi, which is ideal for your ‘working from home’ set-up. You’ll find that some villas are already equipped with a desk, in others you could make use of a spare bedroom or large dining room area. You can choose where you want your work staycation office to be!

Office Spae in Orlando villa

The Orlando Time Difference Works in Your Favour

The best thing about working in Orlando is the time difference. You may have to get up a little earlier than usual, but when the UK office shuts at 5, it’s only midday in Florida, so you have the rest of the day to enjoy with the family!

An Orlando Private Pool For You and The Family

Many of our villas in Kissimmee and Davenport come with a private pool, which will keep the kids entertained in the morning whilst you work. Also, after a day’s work what can be more relaxing than jumping into your private pool and enjoying some Florida sunshine.

Extend Your Orlando Holiday

Working from your Orlando villa means you can book less annual leave and potentially have a longer holiday to enjoy with the family too, especially if you book a three week stay instead of two. Just make sure you make time for having a bit of a holiday as well!

Many of us would never have thought of combining work with a holiday before the pandemic, however these work staycations are probably about to become more popular, since employers are noticing that staff are just as productive working away from the office. Some have even said that a work staycation has even boosted their productivity and gives a fresh perspective on things to kickstart creativity, so there’s lots of positives to bringing your laptop away with you.

So, if you’re going stir crazy and need a change of scenery, why not consider a work staycation in Orlando? With over 900 luxury Orlando villas to choose from on our website, there are endless options for your stay in the Sunshine State. If you need help finding a villa with an office space, then do get in contact with our friendly team.