Can I travel to Florida with CBD oil?

Can I travel to Florida with CBD oil

A product known as CBD oil is in the news quite a lot recently. If you do use it, you might want to take it with you wherever you’re going - including on holiday. However, travelling with this product raises some common questions.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is a naturally occurring, non-toxicating substance that is said to have some health benefits. Whether it’s for medical purposes or just to relieve day to day stress and anxiety, more people are turning to CBD oil for relief.

If you’re already using CBD oil at home in the UK and want to take it away with you to the US, we currently wouldn’t advise you to. Regulations are very unclear and with the high security in American airports it is very unlikely that you will be able to travel with this product. After all, having any form of cannabis on you could result in you receiving much more attention than you want.

If you do use CBD, leave your supply at home, as once in Florida you’ll be able to buy it from a local Walmart and various other stores. A list of these products can be found by searching on the Walmart website.

Overall, the main information to remember here is that you currently can’t travel with CBD oil, but it is available for you to buy in Florida. As CBD oil and other hemp-derived products become more and more popular, it’s likely that regulations will become more lenient in the coming years. But until that time, stick to the rules and don’t take any risks. You can check the rules of the airport, as well as the airline, before you travel if you need any extra information.