Orlando Villas with a Saltwater Pool

Orlando villas with saltwater pools

Have you ever gone on holiday with a child who suffers from acne, eczema or psoriasis and wondered how they would cope with the chlorine in the villa swimming pool?

How Chlorine Works in a Swimming Pool

Chlorine is needed in swimming pools because it kills bacteria, viruses and other organic debris. Without chlorine, your pool would quickly turn green and be full of nasty little things that cause you to have an upset stomach!  With most private pools in Orlando, a qualified and licensed pool technician will visit your villa each week to test the chlorine levels in your pool and then add more tablets or granules to keep the chlorine balance correct. Because it is not possible or convenient to test these pools on a daily basis and due to heavy pool usage by a family of kids, the occasional mishap with urine (yes, we know it happens!), suntan lotion and rainfall will all reduce the chlorine levels in a pool to below zero, the pool technician will safely add more chlorine than is actually needed so that, by the end of the week, the value is still at or above the desired level.

After swimming in a chlorinated pool some guests might experience dry or itchy skin or have irritated eyes or lungs and might not want to return to the pool again. This then impacts on their level of fun they are having on holiday which does not seem fair.

The Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

An alternative solution might be to choose a villa that has a saltwater pool instead. These are every bit as safe as a traditionally maintained pool, because instead of adding the chlorine into the pool in one go in the form of granules or tablets, the chlorine is converted from the salt using electrolysis cell as it is required. The bacteria and virus in the pool will still be controlled as effectively so there will be no loss of enjoyment.

Because saltwater acts as a natural moisturiser and exfoliator it increases your skin’s ability to retain moisture and will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. Saltwater will also promote your skin’s natural relaxation process, leaving you feeling more refreshed after a session in the pool.

The bromide present in saltwater will also help alleviate any joint or muscle pain you might have and speed up any recovery from previous injuries.

The following villas all have saltwater pools:

Orlando villa on Crescent Lakes

A modern villa situated in Kissimmee close to Orlando's top attractions, including Disney and Universal. This villa has a southwest-facing pool and spa with woodland views and a games room to keep the kids amused.

Highlands Reserve villa with saltwater pool

Located on the golfer’s paradise of Highlands Resort in Davenport, this four bedroom villa is perfectly-placed to give you the pace of holiday you desire. Either ambling around the greens found on the community, or hopping in a car to explore the delights of Orlando that await you. Most of the main tourist favourites are around half an hour’s drive.

Orlando villa in Davenport

Sitting on the established US27 gated community of Westridge Manors, just a few minutes drive from shops, restaurants and golf courses is this traditional 4 bedroom family villa. Disney and Universal theme parks can all be reached within 30 minutes, with Florida’s finest beaches a little over an hour away.

When choosing an Orlando villa for your family it is important that you make the right choice. Our informative website gives lots of information about each villa and community and allows you to select exactly what you want, including villas with a games room, villas with a south or west-facing pool deck, villas with a spa, villas with 5 en-suite bathrooms and many more options. Because we have visited each villa on our website you can be assured that each property is exactly how we describe it and the photographs are of that property, not one that is ‘similar’.

If you require any help or have any questions then please give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call or drop us an email!