Experience the Orlando Starflyer: The World’s Tallest Swing Ride!

The Orlando Starflyer

See Orlando from a new perspective; 450ft up in the air! Situated at ICON Park on International Drive, the Orlando Starflyer is the world’s tallest swing ride and is also taller than its neighbouring attraction, The Wheel at ICON Park.

Starflyer opened in June 2018 and is said to be one of the most exciting and thrilling rides you will experience on International Drive. This unique attraction may look a bit daunting to some, but it appeals to both young and old. For those who love the thrill of roller coasters and are seeking something different to experience on your next Orlando holiday, the Orlando Starflyer is a ride you won’t want to miss. Even driving down International Drive, you certainly can’t miss seeing it in the distance.

You don’t have to be in a theme park or pay theme park prices to experience a super thrilling ride!

World's tallest swing ride

Guests are seated in a double swing seat, secured in and lifted to a height of 425ft in the air, where you’ll be spinning 360 degrees reaching speeds of up to 45mph. The ride lasts for 3 minutes, which is enough time for you to see the Orlando sights and feel the adrenaline rush. If you think you will be swinging in only one direction though, think again. StarFlyer has a reverse mode which adds to the excitement!

FUN FACT - The Orlando Starflyer’s top decoration was designed on a napkin in Austria by the Funtime owner and the designer of the Red Bull logo.

Starflyer’s Star Bar

If you think that’s all a bit too much, guests who don’t want to ride can watch from below. There’s plenty of room to stand around the towering attraction or you can relax, enjoy a drink and watch the excitement from the Star Bar.

Orlando Starflyer at ICON Park

For those adults who need a little something to work up the courage to ride the Starflyer, one of the Starflyer cocktails is recommended. Enjoy their signature cocktail, topped with sprinkles, or their Liquid Courage cocktail, which they say sends you flying.

How Do I purchase Tickets for The Orlando Starflyer?

Tickets can be purchased at the gates of the attraction or through the Starflyer website. You will save money if you book your tickets online.

These are the current ticket prices (Dec 2020):

  • Website Price: $10.00 plus sales tax per person
  • Gate Price: $12.21 plus sales tax per person
  • Ride again on the same day: $7.51 plus sales tax per person

The ride is open from noon to midnight daily, so there’s plenty of chances to experience the thrill of riding the tallest swing ride in the world. Why not ride in the daytime and the evening to experience the differing views over Central Florida. If you ride again on the same day, your second ride will cost less, so it’s certainly worth it.

Starflyer at night

The Orlando StarFlyer has no age limit, has no weight limit (you must be able to fit the seat safely and fasten the seat belt/lap belt properly), and the minimum height for the ride is 44 inches.

Address: ICON Park, 8265 International Drive, Suite B, Orlando, FL 32819

Parking is free at ICON Park.

Orlando is home to some of the most exciting and thrilling tourist attractions, with Starfler being just one of them. Do you dare to take a ride on it? If you’re looking for Villas near International Drive, there are a wide range of options on our website, or you can speak to one of our knowledgeable team, who can help in your search.

Image credits: Orlando Starflyer website