New Flamingo Experience at Discovery Cove

Flamingo Mingle Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is filled with wonderful animal encounters and the park have recently added an exciting new experience for guests, which they have called Flamingo Mingle, or “Flamingle” for short!

This unforgettable early-morning activity gives guests the chance to learn and feed the flamingos at Discovery Cove in a one-to-one experience. Only eight guests participate in this activity each day, so it’s very exclusive and best to book early if you are interested! More on how to book can be found below.

Flamingo Mingle is a 30 minute experience solely with flamingos! The encounter will begin and end with a private stroll alongside the beautiful birds, that will make you feel a part of the flamboyance (what a group of flamingos is called). You’ll flock to the theme park’s sandy cool reef waters to feed them one-on-one, before wading in the cool reef waters together. Animal care specialists are on hand throughout to answer any questions that guests might have about the birds, share fun facts and information about how Discovery Cove cares for them.

A professional photographer will also be nearby capturing photos of the guests with the flamingos, so you have something special to take home with you as well. Professional photos are an additional fee.

How to Book Flamingo Mingle at Discovery Cove

Flamingo Mingle is an upgrade and comes at an additional cost to your Discovery Cove day ticket. Reservations must be purchased in advance and can be booked through the Discovery Cove website: Current price for this one-hour experience is $59 per person.

Park admission is not included and is required. This experience can be added onto both the Signature Dolphin Swim and Day Resort packages. However, it cannot be added onto a reservation for guests participating in Ray Feeding or the Trainer for a Day program due to schedule conflicts.

All participants must be at least 6 years old. Children ages 6–12 must be accompanied by a paying adult who is also participating in the Flamingo Mingle experience. Guests are asked to arrive at Discovery Cove by 8am on the date of your visit to allow time to check in and schedule your day properly.

Flamingos at Discovery Cove

Can I See the Flamingos at Discovery Cove, if I Am Not Able to Get a Ticket For The Experience?

The answer is yes. As long as you arrive at the park when it opens, you should be able to see the flamingos in all their beauty. Every morning they journey from The Grand Reef, across the white sand beaches in front of Dolphin Lagoon, to the courtyard near Laguna Grill. Have your cameras at the ready for when they stroll past - you never know when the perfect selfie moment will happen!

This is just one of many animals you can encounter at Discovery Cove in Orlando, on your all-inclusive day here! If you would like to find out more about the Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove and the ticket packages available, take a read of our previous blog. Our villas near Discovery Cove are an ideal option for your package holiday to Orlando - be sure to take a look at our Orlando villas to see what’s available for your dates.