Unique Outdoor Activities in Orlando

A man wakeboarding

The theme parks are always a massive draw for anyone visiting Orlando, but did you know there is so much else to see and do? For the thrill seekers, you don’t need to just get strapped into a rollercoaster, you could don a harness and clamber your way around rope swings or fly down ziplines at Orlando Tree Trek? You don’t need to get soaked on Journey to Atlantis or on SeaWorld’s Infinity Falls, you can get a thorough drenching whilst gliding over the water in your own jet ski or wake board at Buena Vista Watersports? There is bound to be something for everyone to experience in Orlando, even if you have been to the theme parks a thousand times already! In this guide we’ll give you some fantastic examples of activities a little off the beaten track, for everyone to enjoy on your next dream holiday in Florida.

Buena Vista Water Sports

Paddleboarding at sunset

Take to the water to try out the many activities on offer at Buena Vista Watersports, situated a mere five minutes from the entrance to the Disney parks! Feel the wind rush through your hair as you skim across the surface of the water at 50mph on your jet ski! A bit new to this? That’s OK, you can have a free tutorial with a professional instructor before the fun begins! After that, hold on tight as you gracefully tackle waterskiing, wakeboards and water tubes! Here you pay by the boat, for up to eight people, to be dragged around the lake on the watercraft of your choice! For those who may require guidance, or a little confidence boost, instructors are on hand to help you get the most out of your experience. As an added bonus, when you get back to shore, you have free access to the onsite beach! Looking for a more sedate time to look out across the stunning lake? You can bring a cool box stuffed with goodies – as well as your fishing rod – to relax on the pontoon (a flat-bottomed boat). Arms need a little work out? Grab an oar to guide yourself around this beautiful location on either a kayak or paddleboard. If you are new to paddleboarding, you can ask an experienced instructor who will give you a free lesson before letting you take to the water.

Nona Adventure Park

Nona Adventure Park in Orlando

Around 30 minutes drive from the Disney parks you can make a real splash at Nona Adventure Park, the largest aqua park in central Florida! This is a floating attraction on Adventure Lake, for five years old and up, where you can race around the course, loaded with obstacles such as giant staircases, ramps, a whirlpool and slides! If you are looking for more high-octane thrills, the park also lets you experience wakeboarding before you return to drier land and the rope course, which is a sky-high adventure all on its own!

Orlando Tree Trek

Orlando Tree Trek

Your little monkeys will love swinging around at Orlando Tree Trek, around seven miles from the Disney parks. Securely fastened to the overhead cables, four courses of various difficulties await you to attempt the swinging platforms, rope bridges and many other obstacles (there are 97 in total here!), as you make your way to the 425ft (129m) zipline! Kids must be at least seven years old to go on the massive children’s course, and they must also be able to reach 4ft 7 (around 140cm) with their fingertips. A walk trail follows the kids course so that adults can supervise. Any under 18s must have waivers signed by a parent or guardian. Although this attraction doesn’t have a weight limit, in order to be able to use the safety equipment, guests must have a waist which is 44 inches or smaller. To find out more about Orlando Tree Trek, take a read of our previous blog.

Revolution Off-Road

Mucky Duck at Revolution Off Road

Fetch the driver of the group and head over to the Mucky Duck experience at Revolution Off-Road! Here you and your group navigate many types of terrain, on an eight-wheeled vehicle – where you can expect to get very dirty! As long as they can sit unaided, children from the age of three are welcome on your four-person car as explore the countryside located under 20 miles from the Disney parks.

Get Up and Go Kayaking

Clear Kayaking in Florida

Want to combine your love of watersports with a trip to visit Mother Nature? Get Up and Go Kayaking have just the adventure for you! You and a friend can board a clear kayak and explore no fewer than seven locations throughout the Florida area. One of the most memorable is the bioluminescent experience near Titusville, around an hour away from Orlando. Here a type of plankton emits its own light, which you can see whenever the surface of the water is broken! So you’ll see a mystical blue light every time your oar or hand goes in the water, and also, as you’ll be in a crystal clear kayak, you’ll see it lighting up directly in front of you as you make your way through the night-time tour! For information on other locations and rates, please see their website.

Kelly Park’s Rock Springs

Kelly Park's Rock Springs

If you already have a kayak or your own inflatable that you would like to make use of, or you just love mucking about in natural surroundings, we have to recommend Kelly Park's Rock Springs – around 20 minutes away from the Disney parks! Here, for a small fee, you can bring your own watercraft in and launch it in the designated area. There are also plenty of walking trails, a picnic area and beautiful rivers for you to swim in. Entrance to the park is also very reasonable! It is highly exclusive, as only the first 260 vehicles will get access in the morning, with another 50 being allowed in later on in the day. For a more in-depth look at this, see our latest blog.

As you can see, there is plenty for you to do in and around Orlando that doesn’t involve a theme park! So why not give them a go? Get in touch to let us know what you think!

Have you been to any of these fab places in Florida? Have you been somewhere that you think others are missing out on? Get in touch using our usual social media channels!

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