Is Staying In a Private Villa The Future of Safe Travel?

Private Villa - Safe Travel

When booking a holiday to Orlando, travellers usually choose to stay in either a villa or a hotel. However, within this ever-changing world, many people are now wanting to find the safest way to travel and fully relax.

It’s understandable there will be concerns about cleanliness, health and safety and how often you have to wear a face covering for your next holiday in 2021, but we want to reassure customers that these safety concerns can be drastically reduced by choosing to stay in an Orlando villa.

Our Villas in Orlando are Thoroughly Cleaned Before Arrival

All of our villas are deep cleaned before you arrive, with clean bedding and clean towels provided for everyone.

More Space For Everyone In a Villa

With social distancing rules in place, we’ve certainly got used to being a bit more distant from others. Our villas offer you enough space for the family to spread out and relax during your stay, unlike a hotel room where it may feel quite cramped.

It’s Only You and Your Family

Staying in a villa will certainly limit your contact with others. If you book a hotel, you would have to pass other guests to get to and from your room.

As you and your travel party will all be staying in the same villa for your Orlando holiday, there’s no need to worry if anyone in your group has been compromised. Our Orlando villas with a private pool are ideal for isolating away from people, which wouldn’t be possible in a hotel.

No Maids During Your Stay

Throughout your stay, the villa is entirely yours! There is a maid service before your arrival to deep clean the villa. Your beds unfortunately won’t magically be made each day though, like they would in a hotel, but you can relax knowing that nobody apart from your group will be entering your villa in Orlando whilst you are there.

Self Catering Villas in Orlando

All of our Orlando villas have a well-equipped kitchen, so you have the option to eat in the comfort of your own space. There’s no need to eat out if you don’t want to.

Self catering villa in Orlando

High-Touch Surfaces in Your Villa

As it’s just you and your family staying in the villa, it will only be you and the family touching any surfaces such as door handles and loungers. It’s best to keep these areas clean during your stay, as well as continuing to wash your hands, just in case you might have picked something up whilst out and about.

Work Staycation in Orlando

Our villas also give you the chance to ‘work from home’, especially if you don’t have enough annual leave. All villas come with WiFi and are spacious enough for you to bring your laptop and get a bit of work done away from the family. You can get up early to start work and when the UK office shuts at 5, it is only midday in Florida so you have the rest of the day to enjoy with the family. The kids can keep themselves occupied in the private pool in the morning whilst you are working. Take a look at the benefits of a work staycation in our previous blog.

Having been Orlando holiday specialists since 1999 and with our knowledge of the area, we believe that staying in a villa is the best option for your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Choosing a villa over a hotel, offers more options and freedom for your holiday to the Sunshine State. If you’re interested in booking an Orlando package holiday with us, you can start searching through our wide range of villas today!